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About Us

SellUrArt is a company that allows artists to make money selling their art or photo as a poster. SellUrArt has been around since 2014. I created this site because I love art, I love everything about it, if I could I would employ every artist in the world so they can show off their unique gifts. Growing up in the San Francisco area I was surrounded by artists, most of my close friends were great at drawing, and some were musicians. As I got older I noticed most of my friends were in an office job that most complained about. I asked them if you could get paid for creating art would you start drawing again, and all of them said yes. It brings great joy to me knowing that I motivated a few people to start drawing and creating art again, and its a better feeling when a poster sells. I want to send everybody here money, but besides the money I want to let you guys know that out of all the other posters in the world that somebody chose to hang your poster on their wall, and that's just amazing and motivating. Join the site and be a part of making all art accessible to everybody.

Please watch the video below to learn how to get started.

The first step would be to click on upload art. Read the terms and condition fill out your art or photos description and hit Submit. It is a dollar per upload the dollar you submit will keep your posters on the site until you decide to take it off.

Percentages! Here's the breakdown of how much you would receive if your art piece sells.

$49 under = 40%
$50 - $99 = 50%
$100 - $199 = 55%
$200 - $299 = 60%
$300 - $399 = 65%
$400 - $499 = 70%
$500 over = 75%

The percentage amount was created to cover the printing, ink, paper, shipping, and marketing expenses. The only thing you need to do is pay a $1 for each art piece, whether its a photo, drawing, graphic etc. The beauty of this is you’ll be making great side money if your art sells. Also who knows you can make a name for yourself, and have a career doing what you love : ). Your art is yours, every sale will be known by you, if you ever want to have us stop selling your art just email us and we will. So what are you waiting for, lets get your poster on the site and on ebay and lets see what this $1 can make you.

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