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Terms & Conditions

One piece of art per submission. A dollar fee per piece of art uploaded, which is good for a one year subscription.

All art submitted is art you created. If you upload stolen art you will be at fault. All art is yours and you will be notified of each sale made. There are restrictions you cannot upload art of people without their consent, you also may not upload art with logos of certain companies, for example, NFL, Disney, etc. Please do research before uploading your art piece.

You will receive a percentage of the sale when your art sells. Percentage breakdown:

$49 under = 40%
$50 - $99 = 50%
$100 - $199 = 55%
$200 - $299 = 60%
$300 - $399 = 65%
$400 - $499 = 70%
$500 over = 75%

Your art will be on the website It will be sold on auction sites, the website, and possibly other areas on the internet. You will get credit for each sale. You can cancel and take off art pieces whenever you like by contacting us, however there are no refunds after submitting the artwork. For price breakdown view the about us page. For questions, please click the contact us link on the bottom left side of the home page. Thank you for selling with SellUrArt!

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